More Thoughts on Sales Comp Structure

Jan. 9, 2014 by

Great post in Harvard Business Review on Why Individuals No Longer Rule on Sales Teams On the most effective sales teams, particularly B2B, the individual no longer reigns supreme. Strong sellers

Difference Between Business Development and Sales

Dec. 17, 2013 by

You Can't Hurry Love by Diana Ross & The Supremes on Grooveshark Here’s why I love Twitter:  was just reading this tweet by harrisonweber : Is it possible to automate the

Lesson in Sales: SNL Says ‘Put That Cocoa Down’!

Dec. 13, 2013 by

Put that cocoa down! One of my favorite movies of all time is Glengarry Glen Ross, based on the David Mamet play. Well written, great characters, and an interesting story,

Do Discounts Hurt Sales?

Dec. 1, 2013 by

The objective of the sales process is to communicate the price/value relationship and the unique selling proposition the salesperson is providing the customer. Think about that for a moment. If

Startup Sales Compensation: When Commissions No Longer Make Sense

Nov. 25, 2013 by

Struggling with your startup sales compensation plan?  I read a very interesting NY Times article today: For Some, Paying Sales Commissions No Longer Makes Sense This is a great read